• Interiors

    Backsplash tiles…finally

    When the internet order arrived a couple of weeks ago there was a collective gasp, when opening the package. It has been a while since I ordered something online that arrived looking exactly like depicted. The colors were absolutely true and the sheen and texture totally fitting what I had in mind. I knew these were hand made, I hoped they would not be too country, or folksy. After all we live in a city,  not a hacienda and they have to go together with caesarstone and stainless. Two weekend projects later they are up.  

  • Garden

    Garden experiments

    The new garden experiment this year worked out so-so. It is not quite over yet (watching over my mustard greens) but it is actually hard to admit that years of gardening experience yielded 3 small tomato plants just ripening now (Speckled Roman), 2 parsley plants, 1 basil… and not much else. So much for the high hopes of brand new cedar boxes. Farmers market and local farm visits save the day, again.