• Hanging Glass Containers / totally by design

    Greenhouse plants

    Late March days, especially this year, with its long winter, are days of transition. I have been buying seeds, but have not sewn any yet, as the soil is not warm (of defrosted for that matter!) enough. It is warm, then it is snowing, then it is warm again, before it freezes overnight. I was curious today what a local garden market Ricky’s has been up to. I thought for a moment that maybe it was me hibernating, while the rest of the world is already picking arugula from the cold frame and arranges grape hyacinths and miniature daffodils into window boxes. Well, while this is probably happening some places,…

  • Modern Vintage Style

    Vintage style finds for the home

    An early afternoon Sunday stroll through a neighborhood brought me to a charming local vintage shop. I am still avoiding buying things until the basement reorganization is complete, and I am making every effort to channel things in the direction out of the house, not in…You can read here why. But, this book caught my eye. I spent the afternoon browsing through the super inspiring interiors, already plotting repainting the three lamps stashed in the basement…See page 31 for what I am talking about! Finally, a book on vintage that does not feel like a time capsule of sixties or seventies, but perfectly balanced modern take. No wonder, Emily Chalmers…

  • Magnolia buds / totally by design

    Decorating with tree branches

    Today was the first day of gardening. If removing snow, slush, ice, and water from my English roses planters counts as gardening…Carl has been moving snow by hand from our back yard all week now. Today was the grand finale, and sad faces as we realized that 3 ft of snow broke the branches of many of the rose bushes. In retrospect, I should have trimmed them much shorter, but they were still trying to bloom in mid November and it never seemed cold enough. But it is the little things that count, right? I picked up a lovely magnolia branch today on the afternoon walk, that was before the…