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    Tropical outdoor living: shelter

    Rustic, but modern in shape at the same time, with a beautiful patina, that’s how I can best describe all structures at Nusa Island Retreat in Papua New Guinea. I am a big fan of naturally weathered wood, untreated, or at least treated minimally with varnishes, love the soft grays, and almost polished feel. You start appreciating it when you spend days barefoot here. Here is my glimpse into the island life… We have became rather attached to our guard dogs, and we frowned when they paid any attention to new guest arrivals! But they did return day after day, guarding entry to the house, we did not even feed them, it…

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    Tropical outdoor living: blooms

    Here is a recipe for a perfect outdoor living in the Pacific: bungalow on stilts over the water, sandy floor eating area with heavy wood tables, a hammock, and a bunch of local dogs to guard your abode day and night. You will happily drink rain water, and get around on a banana boat. Crashing waves of the full moon high tide might keep you awake at night, but you wanted that island experience…And then, there are flowers everywhere. Here is part one of what slowing down off the beaten track in New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea looks like. Here are first snapshots of my adventure at Nusa…