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    Wabi-sabi flower arrangements

    Dahlias are such perfect wabi-sabi flowers…I am yet to bring home a big, bold bouquet of dahlias alone. But I also know the longer in season I wait, the better they get, richer, heavier, mellower. I spotted these recently and the pink-purple hues were just gorgeous.

    Wabi-sabi dahlia | totallybydesignThis past Saturday I literally brought home from farmers market one aster, one dahlia, one snapdragon, and a couple of green fillers. I know, the idea of a “filler” even sounds terrible. Under different circumstances the same filler could be a star. I love the silvery green feathery leaves. Give me a bunch I will proudly display without any blooms.

    Harvest bouquet | totallybydesignI set out to my community garden soon after, and brought any weeds I could pull from my plot. Added a few branches of my blooming oregano gone wild, a stem or two of semi-wild black eyed susans, stone crop, and voila! Messy harvest bouquet came to life.

    Harvest Aster | totallybydesignAster and Dahlia | totallybydesign