• Wild Woodland Garden | totallybydesign.com

    Secret Woodland Garden

    Every year, around the third week of May, we carefully time a trip to this wild, overgrown garden on the outskirts of the city. A carpet of the lilies of the valley is what brings us there, but this year I wanted to document the secret, forgotten garden feel of the place. The Alice in Wonderland, or as I prefer to call it – H.C Andersen garden. Somehow, lilies of the valley are forever tied to his fairy tales in my mind. So is jasmine, but that is story for June…

  • Wall Photo Collage totallybydesign.com

    Printed photo collage

    I had a set of my Instagram photos printed recently, for the third time, to tell the truth. I was holding off for a long time, mostly just because I did not believe they would look good on paper. I was concerned about the resolution, but also the type and quality of paper.  Then, Artifact Uprising phone app and myself found each other, it was meant to be!  The paper is matte, thick cardstock, can also stand on its own just held with a binder clip. Since, I turned some of my printed photos into thank you and greeting cards, but what also ended up being lots of fun – changeable…