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    Tea and a cake break – for the holidays

    This is for any of the weary souls during the holiday season, tea and cake is good for you. If you light a candle because the days are already oh-so-short, and if you bake the cake yourself, it becomes this slow living ritual that unlocks the creativity, connect you with the person next to you, and allows you to take a deep breath. I see this recipe every time I rummage through my “best of” folder. I keep here all my Mom’s recipes she has been sending me in letters for years, those dictated to me we while I visit, those copied from fabulous 1960 and 70 Polish cookbooks. This…

  • Thanksgiving table setting | totallybydesign.com
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    Setting Thanksgiving table (on the budget)

    I caught myself spending a bit too much time looking for a new set of plates recently.  You know the type: matte glaze, earthy colors, low rim…the list of goes on. Alter all, the Thanksgiving is just around the corner, would love to style with something new! Then, reality check: we are not hosting this year, I have absolutely no excuse to buy a new set of plates. Which reminded me, rewind two years back when we were, and my frantic shopping spree for something new. I ended up with plates, set of cutlery (once returned and replaced in a process, never used since), and a couple of random serving…

  • Carpathian harvest fairytale | totallybydesign.com

    Carpathian harvest fairytale

    Fairytales happens when you believe in them. In the power of ordinary, imperfect, wabi-sabi that is….The power of little, but emotionally charged things, the power of imagination, the power of child-like (not childish!) enthusiasm. I headed to my hometown in Southern Poland recently knowing that some lovely objects are waiting there for me, thoughtfully gathered by my Father just for my photo storytelling. An old kitchen hutch, a table with peeling paint, but gorgeously preserved top by years of oil cloth cover up, a bench. They all come from an old log cabin home nestled on my parents property waiting to be re-invented, re-imagined and hopefully relocated, although this might…