Wanderlust: cafes in Kraków

2016 has brought me to places that I dreamed of since childhood, like English country (albeit no heather covered hills – yet), places I should have visited long time ago, like Rome, and (twice!) place that can pull strings I did not know existed. After all those years…It is all in one home away from…

Merry Christmas 2016

Some quiet moments captured this season…Wishing everyone peaceful, joyous, and wonder filled Christmas.

Christmas sugar cookies from family archives

As much as anything “sugar” seems to be falling out of favor these days, and mostly for a good reason, I cannot let go into oblivion handful of my most cherished recipes. This particular one comes from my Grandmother Felicja. Simple sugar cookies, perfect combination of crunchy on the outside and flaky on the inside….

Handmade gift – fragrant sachet with basil

The season is upon us. I have been reading and admiring some wonderful gift guides on the blogs (and making note of any ceramics for myself), but really yearning for a different type of gift giving experience. Something small, something handmade, something with a story…I tend to walk around the city these days looking for…