Hello! My name is Dorota.  I am a founder and editor of  Totally by Design, blog about modern country style living on a city block.

What I write about, what I am most passionate about, where my most creative ideas are based – it is the country.  I have not lived in the countryside for many years now, but the memories and inspirations are still as strong. Annual trips to the countryside in Poland where I grew up, and weekend trips in New England where I live now keep me grounded in that sensibility. But I do not spend the days just waiting for those.  Looking around my city-dweller home I see reclaimed wood floors from an old barn, cast iron lamp posts imitating tree branches, wallpaper with tree trunks, and earthy colors walls.  The country style quietly permeated my every day, my house and my urban garden. This is my version of living country dream on a city block, where one can make a difference getting involved in urban agriculture, supporting farmers markets, choosing environmentally sound options while renovating and decorating.

Keeping all options open though, should a cottage in rural England turn up to be in my cards one day (but has to be at least 200 years old), or better yet, managing gardens for a National Trust property. Ooops, that’s a different country, I better put my UK Country Living away now…

All photography, unless otherwise noted is original, taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.