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    Best homemade granola

    I have been following stunningly beautiful food blog Local Milk for several months now. Yes, we all need a daily dose of Beth’s moody, perfectly bluish gray photography. But it was not until I saw the granola recipe, that I have decided to try one of her recipes, too.  I admit, I was drawn to colors – it is the macadamia and white chocolate that sold me! You can find Beth’s full recipe here.

    I spent a Sunday recently gathering all ingredients and putting the recipe to test. Here are my photos of the process!

    Granola ingredients | totallybydesign
    Granola ingredients

    Granola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignThe verdict? It is as good as it looks. The coconut oil does a miracle for the taste, and it was fun to play with rice puffs again. I have not used them for years. Even the fact that by mistake I baked all the sour cherries right with the granola instead of adding later, did not ruin it. It was still perfectly chewy-crispy combo, like the recipe promised!

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    Kinfolk Home and Sunday tea ritual

    Kinfolk Home | totallybydesignVine leaves | totallybydesign

    This is my set up for the golden hour. My Sunday tea o’clock is not really 5pm, sorry folks. It is some time around 3:30 or 4pm in the afternoon, come fall or winter, when the sun starts setting slowly.  It might be just after an afternoon walk, field trip out of town, or a natural break working on a project.  You pause, look out the window, let your mind wander for a moment.  This is my favorite time to open up a new book.  My copy of the Kinfolk Home just arrived last Friday, in time for my Sunday afternoon ritual. Review coming up soon!

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    Always on a lookout for a perfect glass accessories for my tea. Somehow, the tea is not the same even served in the finest porcelain. I need to be able to see it, look at the amber color, watch the shadows. My recent new discovery that I am super excited about is Kaufman Mercantile. Below are my current favorites, on the wish list…


    Hario Glass, Kaufmann Mercantile | totallybydesign
    Hario Glass, Kaufmann Mercantile
    Kaufmann Mercantile teapots and cups | totallybydesign
    Kaufmann Mercantile teapots and cups


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    Pie season is here

    A quick dispatch to announce: yes, the cold weather is here, and yes, the pie season is here. While I have a plum cake in the making, just to warm up the house, here are some behind the scenes photos from a photo workshop this morning at Wayfair, part of a HeartHome conference. I loved the creative instruction and styling by (local!) Brian from A Thought For Food. Here are my favorite moments from the morning. Yes, we did get to eat the pies from Rosebud

    Rosebud pie box | totallybydesignRosebud pie | totallybydesignFood styling | totallybydesignStyling the pies | totallybydesignRosebud pie slice | totallydesign

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    Pastel color dinnerware

    Pastels usually make appearance on my table only once a year, around Easter, and for those few days they are delightful. This year I had fun staging them with wallpaper backdrop and candy colored flowers. Today is back to the basement, and white returns to our table.

    Vintage pink tea cup / totally by designVintage pink cup and Vanuatu wallpaper / totally by designPinkCupAndBowl

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    Best of 2014

    My best and most popular photo of the year was taken on one of the busiest days of Christmas prep, a day before Christmas Eve. Somewhere between finishing the shopping list for last minute grocery shopping trip into town, and chatting with my parents over breakfast. My Mom already had a bunch of orange peel set a side for little stars for a garland. I volunteered to help, too much fun to pass. My Dad brought a wooden mallet to help speed the process, and everything came together. Here is a photo called by One Kings Lane one of the best holiday instagrams of 2014Orange Peel DecorThis photo was also official selection for its_my_week Instagram challenge “my week of festive”.ItsMyWeek

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    Gift of linen

    This time it was a gift to myself. I have been swooning long enough over gorgeous Sunday Suppers Instagram feed and reading online story,  so earlier this week I decided to treat myself and bought a kitchen apron. Not just any kitchen apron, but gorgeous 100% linen weave oversized apron that also can be used as oven mitten in a pinch (the edges are finished both sizes for extra durability). The package arrived yesterday, which happened to be St. Nicholas Day (Sw. Mikolaj in Poland). Growing up we used to receive gifts on December 6th, not on Christmas. Here are few images of my new kitchen treasure, styled with vintage fork and spoon brought from a trip to Poland last year.Vintage fork and spoonLinen and rosemaryLinen and vintage spoonVintage fork and spoon

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    Modern silverware

    It has arrived! My prize that is, for having a winning pinboard “The Great Danes” on Remodelista.  Naturally, I inspected the envelope (yes, it arrived from Copenhagen, I so want to go there), the lovely handwritten note from Kay Bojesen team, and the serving pieces.Bojesen1 Bojesen2 Bojesen3