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    Wanderlust: Denmark part 2

    Traveling through North Zealand  part of Denmark felt like discovering one of the biggest secrets of Instagram.  So this is how people get to take these perfectly moody blue/gray photos! Of course, before Instagram this was  called the painters’ light, as my Danish friend Sussi reminded me when we pulled up to a particularly stunning vista. Our day started in Hundested, a small, coastal town northwest of Copenhagen. Then, onto Torup, and heading towards the sea, I encountered my first Danish fairytale village.  It was 10 in the morning, as we meandered through the village’s country lanes, only greeted by a lone dog walker. No cars, no crowds, the only…

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    Wanderlust: Copenhagen

    The story starts in a restaurant with a drawing of a greenhouse in its logo. Instantly smitten, right? I went to Väkst (Danish for ‘growth’) with my Danish friend Sussi to celebrate my birthday. I was not taking any chances. Only few hours after arriving in Copenhagen, I stood at the door right at the opening time, bright eyed, bushy tailed, and giddy with anticipation. Since we were so early, I was able to take photos before the place filled up.  But when the food started arriving, I put my camera down to enjoy the red sorrel until the last tiny leaf, and the sourdough bread until the last crumb…And that…

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    Wanderlust: cafes in Kraków

    2016 has brought me to places that I dreamed of since childhood, like English country (albeit no heather covered hills – yet), places I should have visited long time ago, like Rome, and (twice!) place that can pull strings I did not know existed. After all those years…It is all in one home away from home, and an adventure, and a mystery of medieval cellars, inner city courtyards, and yes, you guessed it: cafes. Here is my pick of those that speak to me most. Happy travels in 2017, everyone! Charlotte – plac Szczepański 2 Nowa Prowincja – Bracka 3-5 Camelot – Świętego Tomasza 17 Bunkier Cafe- pl. Szczepański 3a Singer – Estery 20…

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    House tour

    It is about time that I share a slightly bigger glimpse of our home on the blog. I might have a bit of an agenda hidden here. With looming bathroom renovation (salmon and green need to make way for new colors), it works miracles for motivation, to open the doors wide open, bring some flowers in, and just step back and think: yup, we did it! These first few weeks of June mark 4 years since our offer was accepted. After year and a half of intense search, defying the statistics and trends (“you will never find a single family house in Cambridge, MA in your budget that is not…

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    Printed photo collage

    I had a set of my Instagram photos printed recently, for the third time, to tell the truth. I was holding off for a long time, mostly just because I did not believe they would look good on paper. I was concerned about the resolution, but also the type and quality of paper.  Then, Artifact Uprising phone app and myself found each other, it was meant to be!  The paper is matte, thick cardstock, can also stand on its own just held with a binder clip. Since, I turned some of my printed photos into thank you and greeting cards, but what also ended up being lots of fun – changeable…

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    Design studio gift ideas

    Part 2 of my favorite finds this year, this time for the studio and home office. For a second year in a row, I will be using Muji calendar. My favorite type has a page of graph paper for each week, which I love for quick drawings. The set of notebooks with red binding has the best smooth, blank paper for sketches. This year I have also purchased the best leather pouches, that I hope will last me years. They are a collaboration product between Cuyana and Garance Dore, just cannot get more stylish than that for all your art bits and pieces!

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    My top small gift ideas

    This year, I started early. Back in November, I checked out Remodelista’s market in South End held over the weekend at Lekker. Bonus – I got my worn out Remodelista book signed by Julie Carlson! But I also met great local vendors, and was really smitten with super friendly Salt Cellar Shop.  Left with hand salve and balm. The ingredients list alone can make you fall in love with. Hand salve travelled to my gardener Mom in Poland, but the rosehip balm stayed with me.Next stop was a local shop Loyal Supply, which just opened in the neighborhood recently. After candle (Carl) and washi tape (me) I stocked up for family. All…

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    Science of Styling – master class with Megan Morton

    This year has been my year of all things and people Australian.  Finally made it to Australia in June (see earlier post) after hearing for years from our friend Jamie about the Aussie way of life, and Brisbane and Byron Bay especially.  The Design Files have been filling in my interior design craving blanks for years.   I also subscribe now to Real Living and Peppermint (discovered this one at Brisbane airport for the first time).  And now, as of last week, I can also say I learned from the most inspired and well known Australian stylist!  I signed up for the class with The School within 10 minutes of seeing the posting on Instagram.…

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    Australia: indoor/outdoor living

    This past weekend reminded me that I still have not posted my favorites from Brisbane visit this summer.  I guess, I needed a cooler weather to truly capture the feel of the city that seems to have perfected all season indoor-outdoor living.  Where the doors are always open (or gone altogether), where you warm up quickly by the fireplace in the morning with your flat white,  before heading out on the porch to eat.  As I watched my Sunday evening guests huddle around the grill trying to warm up hands (yes, I made everyone stay out as long as I reasonably could!), I thought about Brisbane… Then, there is flat…

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    Pastel color dinnerware

    Pastels usually make appearance on my table only once a year, around Easter, and for those few days they are delightful. This year I had fun staging them with wallpaper backdrop and candy colored flowers. Today is back to the basement, and white returns to our table.