Blue, cool and collected

I am new to Instagram, very new (that’s what you call it when you have two followers, right?). Gets better – I only figured out how to use hashtag to post to a challenge by Design Sponge, #DSnicerug. I just could not help it, seeing all those fabulous images pouring in every minute. Love rugs so I mustered all my courage, rounded up TC, and took a photo of my Designer’s Guild rug. TC obliged by gracefully curling her tail to a pattern. Posted it, took a deep breath and left the house, trying not to think about it. DesignersGuildWhen I checked an hour later, hoping…Design Sponge “liked” my photo!!! Thank you for making my day.

This is how cool blue became my color inspiration of the week. Same day I snapped this photo at a local restaurant called Puritan & Co.

Puritan & Co.
Puritan & Co.

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