Urban yet rural

Cold weather again today, but nothing can get in the way of gardening any longer!  I came across images from an incredibly inspiring restaurant in Denmark – Höst. In September 2013 Höst won “The World’s Best Design Restaurant” award at the annual Bar & Restaurant Design Awards in London. Visit the site for gorgeous images of the interior while I swoon over the “Harvest” page…

I am determined to make every square inch of my container garden available for vegetable and herbs. Last year was a non-event, due to poor soil, and not enough sunlight. This year we have moved all cedar boxes to south side. My English roses had to make room for roommates with less pedigree. Mustard green seedlingsSeedlingsAll of this just make my small contribution to “know where your food comes from”. It will be a challenge with just 4 cedar boxes and a 4×8 community garden plot. The farmers market will fill any gaps.


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