Oak leaves, acorns, and autumn mood

This morning I posted my first true fall photo of the season. Sure I love all the shades of purple, red, and tan, but I have been avoiding brown…And orange. Even the pumpkins I photographed at the farmers market were white, not orange. But I could not help but to fill my bag with acorns yesterday while walking though the park. I intended to glue them together to their shells for some sort of whimsical display, but they ended up on a table and I took this photo. I was so honored when Design Sponge shared my photo on the Instagram earlier today. Acorns and chestnuts always remind me of childhood and the little figurines I would make using wooden matches for arms and legs.

Oak leaves and acorns
Oak leaves and acorns

I also spotted some gorgeous fall roses yesterday in a park. Here are just a few, that evoke the fall mood best.YellowFallRosePeach-RosesPinkRose

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