Magnolia buds / totally by design

Decorating with tree branches

Today was the first day of gardening. If removing snow, slush, ice, and water from my English roses planters counts as gardening…Carl has been moving snow by hand from our back yard all week now. Today was the grand finale, and sad faces as we realized that 3 ft of snow broke the branches of many of the rose bushes. In retrospect, I should have trimmed them much shorter, but they were still trying to bloom in mid November and it never seemed cold enough.

But it is the little things that count, right? I picked up a lovely magnolia branch today on the afternoon walk, that was before the snow starting coming down again fiercely! I admit, I had a bit of inspiration this past week as I looked at a pretty magical photo on Mimi Thorisson’s post.┬áMagnolia trees and branches are just dreamy to work with. Here is my vignette of branches and tulips.

Magnolia buds / totally by design

Magnolia branches and tulips on marble / totally by design

Magnolia branches and tulips/ totally by design

Magnolia buds / totally by design


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