Modern Vintage Style

Vintage style finds for the home

An early afternoon Sunday stroll through a neighborhood brought me to a charming local vintage shop. I am still avoiding buying things until the basement reorganization is complete, and I am making every effort to channel things in the direction out of the house, not in…You can read here why. But, this book caught my eye.

Modern Vintage Style

I spent the afternoon browsing through the super inspiring interiors, already plotting repainting the three lamps stashed in the basement…See page 31 for what I am talking about! Finally, a book on vintage that does not feel like a time capsule of sixties or seventies, but perfectly balanced modern take. No wonder, Emily Chalmers shop Caravan is based in London.

Folklore Tin and Modern Vintage

My other find was a Folklore enamel storage can. I have seen these more then a year ago, the entire line is lovely. Great for home or a picnic.

Yesterday was also the day I brought my pastel ceramic collection out of the basement. These moved with us from another home, they were originally left there by the previous owner. I never found out the name or age of these, as they have no markings, but they always make appearance on my table around Easter. Pastels are not the colors I am usually drawn to, and I always look for ways to pair them with something else for less candy-color look. The new book should help with the ideas!

Tabletop pastels / totally by design

Vintage teacup / totally by design

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