Hanging Glass Containers / totally by design

Greenhouse plants

Late March days, especially this year, with its long winter, are days of transition. I have been buying seeds, but have not sewn any yet, as the soil is not warm (of defrosted for that matter!) enough. It is warm, then it is snowing, then it is warm again, before it freezes overnight. I was curious today what a local garden market Ricky’s has been up to. I thought for a moment that maybe it was me hibernating, while the rest of the world is already picking arugula from the cold frame and arranges grape hyacinths and miniature daffodils into window boxes. Well, while this is probably happening some places, my local garden shop was experiencing last quiet day before the season starts.

Hanging Glass Containers / totally by design


Banana plant / totally by design

Cacti / totally by designThe citrus fruit trees were hard to ignore with the orange blossom scent in the air, I could stay here for a while. Note to self for next winter, when the sunroom remodel is complete. I already have a ceiling high grapefruit tree grown from a seed, but no blossoms so far. Maybe it needs a company.

Lemon tree / totally by design

Citrus plants / totally by design

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