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Container gardening

The last day of May just begs for a garden update. Abraham Darby just opened up this morning after a night’s rain. Probably my favorite fragrant rose! The pots are quite filled this year, roses share space with stone crop, tiger lilies, and sage. I have added even more rosemary and sage, to keep company lavender, which is slowly coming back.Rose Abraham Darby in Container | totally by designRosemary and lavender | totally by designTomato Sungold, thyme and cilantro | totally by design

Tomatoes are getting center stage this year. I have used the biggest pots vacated by roses and I surrounded them with carpets of thyme and oregano, and lots of cilantro.  Sweets peas and lettuces are almost ready!

Thyme and cilantro | totally by designLettuce and chili peppers | totally by designSweet peas in containers | totally by designEdible garlic shoots | totally by design


I am growing barley, oats and wheat in a container for her to nibble on, but clearly, garlic shoots are all the rage. Now, that’s a cat with a gourmet taste.



    • dorota

      Thank you so much! I would say to have patience with perennials and stick to those that handle winter well (we don’t put anything away for winter). Anything self-propagating is a bonus. Tiger lilies and sedum (stone crop) are my staples, also Russian sage and daylilies for summer. They do remarkably well in containers and come back reliably year after year. I used to do a lot of annuals, but now my only annuals are vegetables. That means that back yard may look sometimes just green, with not much colors, but still just as lovely. I have been also experimenting with all white color scheme past years – rose “Iceberg” is fantastic and blooms entire summer and fall, with 2-3 weeks breaks. Good luck!

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