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Kinfolk Home and Sunday tea ritual

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This is my set up for the golden hour. My Sunday tea o’clock is not really 5pm, sorry folks. It is some time around 3:30 or 4pm in the afternoon, come fall or winter, when the sun starts setting slowly.  It might be just after an afternoon walk, field trip out of town, or a natural break working on a project.  You pause, look out the window, let your mind wander for a moment.  This is my favorite time to open up a new book.  My copy of the Kinfolk Home just arrived last Friday, in time for my Sunday afternoon ritual. Review coming up soon!

Bodum tea cup | totallybydesign

Always on a lookout for a perfect glass accessories for my tea. Somehow, the tea is not the same even served in the finest porcelain. I need to be able to see it, look at the amber color, watch the shadows. My recent new discovery that I am super excited about is Kaufman Mercantile. Below are my current favorites, on the wish list…


Hario Glass, Kaufmann Mercantile | totallybydesign
Hario Glass, Kaufmann Mercantile
Kaufmann Mercantile teapots and cups | totallybydesign
Kaufmann Mercantile teapots and cups



  • Nancy

    Congratulations on being chosen over at Barb’s Sunday Sundries. This is such a beautiful capture and I love the light. In fact, your entire blog is just lovely and filled with gorgeous photography…..

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