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Visual storytelling part 2 – home

The title says it all. Home – as in opposite of travel. We all have places that ground us. For me, it is an early 1900 log cabin style dwelling that belonged to my maternal great-grandparents. It is located in Poland, at the foothills of Carpathian Mountains. I grew up walking by it every day: to grammar school, high school, coming back from university on weekends. It left our family, then in came back to our family… I photograph it every time I visit my parents and my hometown. I have photos from all seasons, and memories from all seasons. The house is unoccupied now, waiting for an idea, that I am not sure will come soon enough to save it, but it is in my heart. On a recent trip back home I showed my Dad articles from Country Living (US) about examples of cabin restoration. This lead to a very spirited discussion…

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