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Tea and a cake break – for the holidays

This is for any of the weary souls during the holiday season, tea and cake is good for you. If you light a candle because the days are already oh-so-short, and if you bake the cake yourself, it becomes this slow living ritual that unlocks the creativity, connect you with the person next to you, and allows you to take a deep breath.Holiday tea and cake | totallybydesign.comHoliday tea and cake | totallybydesign.comHoliday tea and cake | totallybydesign.comHoliday tea and cake |

I see this recipe every time I rummage through my “best of” folder. I keep here all my Mom’s recipes she has been sending me in letters for years, those dictated to me we while I visit, those copied from fabulous 1960 and 70 Polish cookbooks. This particular one, I know very well from experience…We call it a “TV cake” or “placek-torcik telewizyjny” in Polish, for the simple reason that we used to eat it while watching movies together as a family, still warm, not because the recipe comes from a TV show! There is also a canned peach version, but apple was usually easier, considering the orchard surrounding my childhood home.

For the table decor, I did not venture any further than neighboring street and an empty house waiting for remodel, but covered to the roof with vines with orange berries. Added some dried Thai basil sprigs (still very fragrant!), and few dried rose petals from my “May Flowers” rose, and done.  The making of a small afternoon ritual…

Holiday tea and cake | totallybydesign.comHoliday tea and cake |


  • Kajsa

    What a lovely post. I can feel that slow living sensation while baking, the warmth in your childhood home watching TV and your walk down the street to find the props. Beautiful styling and the cake,,, the cake looks so good. Lots of love to you, Dorota!

    • dorota

      Lovely to hear from you…Thank you! Funny how little things can have such strong association in our minds for years to come. Another (slightly sentimental) post is in the works.
      Thank you for kind words…

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