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Handmade gift – fragrant sachet with basil

The season is upon us. I have been reading and admiring some wonderful gift guides on the blogs (and making note of any ceramics for myself), but really yearning for a different type of gift giving experience. Something small, something handmade, something with a story…I tend to walk around the city these days looking for color palette or a mood that will spark the inspiration and connect the dots on an idea. Just loving this copper, silver and white spotted at the NYC Flower District last week.

Fragrant sachet | totallybydesign.comFragrant sachet |

The fragrant sachet is hardly a novel idea, but this particular one has a story. This summer, I was growing for the first time from seed Basil Aramato. Several tall, bushy, fragrant plants were left to go to seed and I collected the branches in a hurry some late October evening and left them to dry in the basement. I was husking the seeds the other day to store them for next year, and was surprised how fragrant the pods were. It would be such a waste to discard them. Quickly went through a stash of fabrics to sew few sachets. I like combination of wool on one side, and linen or cotton on the other side. Cut matching squares, machine sew all around leaving 1-1/2″ opening for the fill (make sure it is not close to the corner, so they are all nice and crisp). Trim the excess diagonally on all corners and turn inside out. Fill and blind stitch by hand. I will be also including the note about planting the seeds from the filling in the spring!

Fragrant sachet | totallybydesign.comFragrant sachet | totallybydesign.comFragrant sachet | totallybydesign.comFragrant sachet |


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