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    Wanderlust: cafes in Kraków

    2016 has brought me to places that I dreamed of since childhood, like English country (albeit no heather covered hills – yet), places I should have visited long time ago, like Rome, and (twice!) place that can pull strings I did not know existed. After all those years…It is all in one home away from home, and an adventure, and a mystery of medieval cellars, inner city courtyards, and yes, you guessed it: cafes. Here is my pick of those that speak to me most. Happy travels in 2017, everyone! Charlotte – plac Szczepański 2 Nowa Prowincja – Bracka 3-5 Camelot – Świętego Tomasza 17 Bunkier Cafe- pl. Szczepański 3a Singer – Estery 20…