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    Cosy and festive at home

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home this year, with intention. The “recipe” is quite simple: boxes and envelopes stuffed to the brim with vintage family photos, something freshly baked and something moody and smooth to sip. Few easy ornaments to test the creative spark of the day,  and off we go into the stories of the past. The brandied dried fruit of Christmas time made its way into homemade scones and vintage inspired concoction. The photos create stories and mysteries to ponder on. Who was the your woman climbing  the trees in one photo, and looking like a poet’s muse in another? Who was Clara?

  • Granola ingredients | totallybydesign

    Best homemade granola

    I have been following stunningly beautiful food blog Local Milk for several months now. Yes, we all need a daily dose of Beth’s moody, perfectly bluish gray photography. But it was not until I saw the granola recipe, that I have decided to try one of her recipes, too.  I admit, I was drawn to colors – it is the macadamia and white chocolate that sold me! You can find Beth’s full recipe here.

    I spent a Sunday recently gathering all ingredients and putting the recipe to test. Here are my photos of the process!

    Granola ingredients | totallybydesign
    Granola ingredients

    Granola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignGranola ingredients | totallybydesignThe verdict? It is as good as it looks. The coconut oil does a miracle for the taste, and it was fun to play with rice puffs again. I have not used them for years. Even the fact that by mistake I baked all the sour cherries right with the granola instead of adding later, did not ruin it. It was still perfectly chewy-crispy combo, like the recipe promised!

  • Simple wreath / totally by design

    Simple wreath

    There were many hours spent in the yard this weekend. The inventory is not looking so good, some English roses are not coming back after extremely snowy and soggy winter. Still, I am looking forward to the redesign. This year even more focus on vegetables, drought resistant plants and more comfortable outdoor dining space. While pondering it all, I started pulling branches overtaking our fence on one side of the house…and it clicked. They were so pliable, but strong at the same time. I made an impromptu wreath in less then 10 minutes, no wire base needed!

    Simple wreath / totally by design

    Simple wreath / totally by design

    Simple wreath for the door / totally by design