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    Wintry Blood Orange Pavlova

    Technically speaking, the winter was supposed to be over right now.  Still when the snow fell, I did not hesitate to head outside to photograph the cloud-fluffy meringue in, well, white fluffy snow.  Even my flowers matched, a random bunch of white carnations, as if they anticipated the snow… Pavlova stands up to all seasons, but is sure lovely in winter when the fruit can make up for the lack of flowers in all its prettiness… The recipes are countless. I like the one from Cal Peternell.  The reality check version, as I call it.Blood Orange Pavlova by totallybydesign.com Blood Orange Pavlova by totallybydesign.com

     I highly recommend caramelizing blood orange slices. I followed the technique described in this this recipe by Our Food Stories.  The bonus is lovely syrup you can use on french toast or pancakes.

    Blood Orange Pavlova by totallybydesign.com