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Wanderlust: Visual storytelling, Papua New Guinea

Ever wondered what that really means? I have dedicated 2016 to be my year of discovery, mindful travel, and observation. Last year’s 3 week trip to Papua New Guinea gave me an insight into conquering apprehension, hesitation, procrastination and…downright fear. I will always plan my trips meticulously, I will always give myself extra time to get from point A to point B, that is just my nature, but after that, I will let go.  Often you have to let things go, there is just no other option, like when you get stranded at the tiny airport, waiting for the engine parts to be flown in, or finding accommodation on an old boat that just had engine taken out for repair. Obviously, you are not going anywhere… And then the stories unveil themselves. You get curious, you get creative, you get immersed in a moment. The visual storytelling begins.

Rabaul trekking | totallybydesignRabaul trekking | totallybydesignRabaul trekking | totallybydesign

Small miracles can happen when you sit in one place for 30 minutes and observe. Local PNG markets, like this one in Rabaul, are great for people watching (after they stop watching YOU). Eventually life goes back to normal, tidying up produce, gossiping, laughter, occasional frustrated bargaining…Same story that binds us all together.

Rabaul green market | totallybydesignRabaul green market | totallybydesignRabaul market | totallybydesignRabaul market | totallybydesignRabaul market | totallybydesignRabaul market | totallybydesign

Happy 2016 travels, everyone.



  • Karen Olson

    Looks like such a fabulous trip! Yup, learned the letting go part a few years back traveling around Mexico and Costa Rica. Best way to take a trip is to plan very little. I found it was more stressful to trip try and fit your plans around the incidental things that inevitably happen.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your 2016 travels.

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