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    Ceramics studio visit

    There is more than one way to get to this hidden ceramics studio in the remote part of Carpathian mountains in Poland. The most direct route weaves through now sparsely populated mountain range, alternating between mature forest and occasional pastures and open vistas. Only blooming wild apple, pear and plum trees, remnants of once thriving orchards in villages, are visible mid-May. The most direct route to this village consisting of only 3 homes leads through a concrete block reinforced stream crossing. On the other side, gravel path winds through a valley to an artist’s home and workspace. Japanese inspired shapes and muted colors have found a comfortable home deep in…

  • Ceramics,  Travel

    Japan inspired ceramics

    This blog post has been planned for a while…The story was going to start like this: ” Last year, I was planning a trip to Japan that was going to end in a remote Japanese ceramics village, but I ended up in a remote Polish village creating a travelogue of the exquisite Japan inspired ceramics. Does it mean that this year, 2020, I will end up in Japan while planning a trip to Poland?” That draft was written in January this year. The world has been ravaged by the pandemic since, and our travel remains, for the time being, an armchair traveller’s one. I cannot help though, but to share…