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    Bittersweet melted chocolate and raspberries cake

    This Valentines’s day is all about chocolate and fresh raspberries, both rather rare in this household. Never been much into chocolate, with the exception maybe of a good Polish milk and whole hazelnuts chocolate from Wedel. Also, I never buy fruit out of season, raspberries usually make appearance in mid July, we stuff  ourselves with them for a couple of weeks and then we say goodbye for a year, except for the pick-your-own leftovers in the freezer.  But this year, since I ruthlessly pulled Marie Kondo on my home studio and that includes books, I was left with a handful of only favorites, and that included Sweet Paul’s Eat and Make, and that brought me joy as Marie would say.

    Raspberry and Chocolate cake | totallybydesign.comRaspberry and Chocolate cake | totallybydesign.com

    This is  the first time I used a real melted chocolate in addition to unsweetened cocoa, and the result was …stunning. The most creamy on the inside and slightly crispier on the edges ganache. The raspberries kept their shape but softened gorgeously, and all that was left to do was to clean some space in the freezer, because if you start eating this for breakfast you are in trouble, it is so rich! Happy Valentine’s Day!Raspberry and Chocolate cake | totallybydesign.comRaspberry and Chocolate cake | totallybydesign.com

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    Food styling and photography with Marte Marie Forsberg

    Back in November, I did a very brave and uncharacteristically rush and spontaneous decision. I bought, within minutes of seeing it going live, a spot in Marte Marie Forsberg’s “Flowers and Food Visual Storytelling” photography retreat. I remember somewhat frantically emailing Marie “where is it exactly”, having barely ventured outside of London in my UK travels. If you are like me, and follow Marte Marie on her Instagram for a couple of years now, you know the story of the thatched cottage, the rolling hills, the moody pubs…Traveling there seems like stepping into the mysterious fairytale though, bit like boarding the train in Harry Potter movie. Luckily, Marte Marie responded reassuringly right away. It was just two hours train journey out of London, in Dorset. Just enough to have a cup of tea and catch up on letter writing. I can handle that. Fast forward few months and last week I joined a very small group of like-minded women to photograph cake and flowers. Welcome to part one: food photography.

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    The props and our very own model, lovely Heather of Wonky Cakes magically appeared. The colors and the mood were perfect!

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    After a lunch break and walk over to Gold Hill to get some fresh air, we returned to the table. By now the cake was sliced, the clotted cream tea was poured, the scones were brought in. With mouths full we had to stop asking, as least for now, “Marte Marie – what is the ISO here?”

    cake slices | totallybydesign.com

    Next time: flowers arranging and Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea in a secret location…