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Raspberry cordial and rhubarb cake

It is late June as I write this, but it happened to be the same moist, lush green and heavy on a drizzle day as month ago when I set off to photograph the Raspberry Cordial and Rhubarb Cake afternoon treat.  You would think that only children get restless when it rains for 48 hours non-stop…Think twice.  On day two of the rain deluge in the southeastern Poland, a town tucked away at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in the region called Beskid Niski, I opened wide my parents’ garage  door, set up my trusty prop table stored there just for the occasion, and set up an afternoon tea.  At least that was the idea, but why not sneak in a little of homemade raspberry cordial, just to warm things up.  A quick rummage through the cellar produced a vintage carafe, and the last two unbroken glasses from the set that was given to my parents as a wedding gift.  Inevitably, we went down memory lane, reminiscing of long gone neighbors. Objects with rich stories.

Earlier in the day we visited an old family friend, and as it is custom with such visits there, left with a care package of the leftover cake, perfect for my impromptu photo shoot. It was one of those “everyday” cakes, as the host somewhat apologetically explained. No recipe, still warm from the over, made with whatever fruit is in the season. These are my absolute favorites!

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