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    Japan inspired ceramics

    This blog post has been planned for a while…The story was going to start like this: ” Last year, I was planning a trip to Japan that was going to end in a remote Japanese ceramics village, but I ended up in a remote Polish village creating a travelogue of the exquisite Japan inspired ceramics. Does it mean that this year, 2020, I will end up in Japan while planning a trip to Poland?”

    That draft was written in January this year. The world has been ravaged by the pandemic since, and our travel remains, for the time being, an armchair traveller’s one. I cannot help though, but to share the photos of the ultimate craftsmanship that can be found in a remote village of Southern Poland that I visited on a balmy October afternoon. I discovered the artist through a magazine article that my Mom shared with me. Next time I visited my parents there were already 3 miniature bowls waiting for me. But there was more to come. My parents happily agreed to a road trip through an iconic countryside so I could experience it myself. That will be part two of this blog post. But now, let me present Ceramika Jurek Szczepkowski. A world of its own, where inspiration, beauty, refined simplicity, and remoteness collide.

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    My top small gift ideas

    This year, I started early. Back in November, I checked out Remodelista’s market in South End held over the weekend at Lekker. Bonus – I got my worn out Remodelista book signed by Julie Carlson! But I also met great local vendors, and was really smitten with super friendly Salt Cellar Shop.  Left with hand salve and balm. The ingredients list alone can make you fall in love with. Hand salve travelled to my gardener Mom in Poland, but the rosehip balm stayed with me.SaltCellarSalveAndBalm | totallybydesignSaltCellarHandSalve | totallybydesignNext stop was a local shop Loyal Supply, which just opened in the neighborhood recently. After candle (Carl) and washi tape (me) I stocked up for family. All gifts have already made it to their recipients for St. Nicholas Day, when we were in Poland recently, so I am not giving away any secrets… For my Dad, handcrafted shaving soap, he has been faithful to soaps for years.ShavingSoap | totallybydesign

    For my sister-in-law it was Ashware Geoplanter, made in Brooklyn.

    AshwareGeoplanter | totallybydesignAshwareGeoplanter | totallybydesign

    Coming up next: best finds for your home office and studio.