Wanderlust: Lisbon

I never wanted to write a guide book, or even a blog post that would serve as a  miniature guide book. Not because of the research involved, but because I consider travel deeply personal event, and choose to express and convey my favorites places through photography and mood, rather than a list to follow.  I no longer pay much attention to “must see” lists of any destinations I go. I probably will never admit what I did not care to see in Rome for example…Still there are places that struck a chord with me that I am more than happy to share.  The memories though are a function of people I saw as part of my journey, mood of the day, light of the day and it goes on and on…Everyone’s will be different, even if you stand in exactly the same spot I stood. Let’s explore Lisbon, installment 1.Wanderlust Lisbon | totallybydesign.comWanderlust Lisbon | totallybydesign.comWanderlust Lisbon | totallybydesign.comWanderlust Lisbon | Wanderlust Lisbon |  Alfama is my favorite part of Lisbon. Medieval walls hiding winding streets and courtyards, Moorish influences, the bay that connects to the ocean in the distance and just a faint whisper that Africa might be closer than I thought.  I will take espresso in a tiny corner store here over any trendy cafe. Truly a “if these walls could speak” moments.

Wanderlust Lisbon |

My favorites while in Lisbon listed here. Stay tuned for Portugal installment 2, the countryside.

To stay:

  • Casa Balthazar
  • Lisbon Story Guesthouse
  • Lisboans Apartments

To eat:

  • Aqua Pela Barba
  • Graca do Vinho
  • Prado



  • Linda Taylan

    I have been waiting to see your Lisbon impressions. You were so very touched by your first visit that your second is more meaningful because you are sharing it with Carl. You have a wonderful eye for mood and place and I thank you for sharing that.
    Enjoy every second of your travels.

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